BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir
Atladara, Vadodara
Inspirer:Pramukh Swami Maharaj

From the Director's Desk

We are proudly entering into 5th successful Academic Session from June 2009 with an addition of standard X. lf we look back, the school strength was just 87 ( capacity utilization 30 % ) in 2005 with hardly 10 teachers. We were not disappointed for our Guru & lnspirer Pramukh Swami Maharaj says, " Do your best with your heart and soul in to it and leave the result to God. "

We earnestly followed. Slowly and steadily the strength moved up to 437 ( Capacity utilization as 91 % )in 2009 , while the teaching and non-teaching staff strength exceeded 30. To keep pace with the growing strength of our School, it has become necessary to construct additional School & Hostel Buildings .These are almost complete and will be ready for use from June 2009. The total constructed area has reached to '1,44,000 Sq Feet out of a vast green campus of 4,17,000 Sq feet. We are therefore fully equipped to take care of classes up to
Xl & Xll ( Science & Commerce ). Even then , we are left with more than 66 % of open space reserved for future expansion, play fields , gymnasium and landscaping.

At the beginning of any academic year , it is a task for the parents as to which school they should select for their wards. I had a chance of interacting with more than 437 parents who came fon admitting their wards. I had only asked one question to them, "What you would like your son to be ? More than 90 -95 % parents quickly replied ; Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Agriculturist, Political Leader, Factory Manager and what not. lt was amazing no one said; a Barber , Shoe Maker, Painter , Snake Charmer, a Musician, a Philosopher or an Astronaut. Any way, it is a Herculean task for our dedicated and diligent teachers as to how to make 437 boys expeft and proficient in their 437 professions. With a deep and careful thought given to this problem a simple solution cropped up, ' Let's make our School as a Child Loving School' . This is what our Swaminarayan Vidyamandir's humble attempts make it happen as described below :

We ensure every child gets an environment ; which is physically safe, emphatically secure and psychologically enabling;

Motivating Teachers by supporting, encouraging and facilitating them towards gaining self-confidence and passion for teaching ;

Recognizing children's growing capabilities as learners ; by providing school culture, teaching behaviour and by setting Learning & Learner Oriented & Well Designed Curriculum;

lmbibing a sense of 3 D's : Discipline , Dedication & Determination which will form a guiding principle in taking the BAPS's Vision to new heights, following ethos of lnstitution like sense of commitment and visionary zeal,

As you all know our Sanstha is known all over the World as " B A P S " and fon us it also stands for :
Be A Perfect Scholar
Be A Perfect SchooE
Be A Perfect Satsangi

As you will go through the pages of this Prospectus , you will appreciate the excellent educational & other facilities being provided by our School to your child to become a global citizen in a pious & healthy atmosphere. Wishing all the very best to all my students, educators, staff and my colleagues. How can I forget my beloved Parents for indistinct support, co-operation and tremendous amount of confidence reposed on us.

Jai Swaminarayan
Sincerely yours,

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