BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir
Atladara, Vadodara
Inspirer:Pramukh Swami Maharaj


Lab Facility & Library

It is said that ,” If you listen, you remember for a few days; if you see you remember for a longer days, but if you do you remember for ever. “ With this philosophy in mind we have established most modern and fully equipped Chemistry Lab; Bio Lab & Physics Lab . Setting up of Audio Visual Lab, Maths Lab, Language Lab is in progress. The School has two separate Libraries . One for the tiny -tots and other for senior boys . A good stock of more than 10,000 books , journals & magazines keep the students fully informed about the latest technological advancement in the World. The School Campus spread over 20 acre of land provides a beautiful , serene , soothing and eco friendly atmosphere. Large Play Fields in our school campus is the added attraction .

Science Park

Learning by playing is a proven slogan. We have installed more than 25 working models to teach the boys fundamental of Science. By playing they learn about Potential Energy converted into  Kinetic Energy , Gravitational Force, Centrifugal & Centripetal Force , Simple Lever Mechanism, Sound Wave , Pulleys,Gear Mechanism and Sympathetic Motion , Pythogorous Theorem , Propagation of Sound Wave etc. This Science Park is not only open to our own school boys but any students from any school is welcome to visit and learn.

About Hostel Facility

In order to help children from nearby villages, we have provided excellent Hostel Facility.  Our Hostel No1 (Capacity 160) packed to its full capacity in 2007, called for another Hostel No 2  ( with capacity 240) to cater to the increasing demand of newly admitted boarders. This Hostel No.2 is in operation  with beautiful architectural outlook . Each Room designed  for  4  Boarders of Higher classes to ensure  congenial reading atmosphere and plenty of free space inside . New Warden Office and  connected Lobbies with only one entry & exit  helps in safety and security of Boarders   round the clock.

Particular attention is given to student's diet. All the House Supervisors , Class Captains and Kitchen Catering Supervisors are physically present at the time of Lunh, Dinner & Snacks time.


Central to the entire ethos of the Swaminarayan Vidyamandir is the belief that a child can only grow if the environment around the growth process is warm ,caring and compassionate. The School is therefore divided into four distinctive Houses. It is more or less on the same principal of our School VISION . The Houses are SHRAVAN, MANAN, LEKHAN & SARJAN. Each House is headed by a Faculty and House Captain. 


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